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Where does my money go?


Proceeds go to support our beneficiary organizations who treat and care for child and adult cancer patients, conduct critical cancer research, and support patients, families and survivors.

To date, we’ve raised over $2,500,000.


Deserving beneficiaries who are making a real difference with the funds they get from AITFC.

Levine Cancer Institute provides access to top-ranked physician expertise, groundbreaking clinical trials and the latest cancer treatments. We are excited […]

We strive to eliminate health disparities for everyone, facing any type of cancer, from every race and socio-economic background.  We […]

The mission of Compass to Care is to provide a free Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) solution to access life-saving […]

The Go Jen Go Foundation provides critical financial assistance to local individuals and families who are battling breast cancer. We […]

As a leading non-profit supporting lung cancer research and education in North Carolina and beyond, Lung Cancer Initiative specializes in […]

The Helene Foundation was established in 2009 in honor of Helene Davidian, a nurse and devoted mother who lost a […]

The Paula Takacs Foundation funds sarcoma research with a nationally renowned cancer center. Our goal is to provide more hope […]

Our mission is to guide our cancer survivors toward wellness and a return to life in their communities with continued […]

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