"All" About Our Beneficiary: 24 Hours of Booty

All-In to Fight Cancer is a proud supporter of 24 Hours of Booty, a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization that holds 24-hour cycling fundraisers to support patient navigation and survivorship programs locally and nationally. We recently sat down with Mallory Walsh, executive director, to learn more.

First, do you get a lot of questions about the name -- “24 Hours of Booty”? 

Yes – and we have a good answer! Our founder, Spencer Leuders, has long been an avid cyclist and cancer fundraiser. Fifteen years ago, when he was inspired to create a local fundraising event, he decided to do something a little outrageous, riding for 24 hours on Charlotte’s “Booty Loop” – a popular route for joggers and cyclists in the Myers Park neighborhood. The name was a natural – and a natural conversation-starter, as Spencer went door-to-door, asking neighbors to keep their porch lights on as he rode.

What is 24 Hours of Booty today? 

We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to 1) bringing the cancer community together through cycling events in Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Columbia, Maryland, and 2) supporting organizations that focus on the “what now?” part of a cancer survivor’s journey.

How does 24 Hours of Booty put All-In donations to use? 

Ever since we were founded, our focus has been on helping cancer patients prepare for and navigate that unexpected stage after treatment – the stage where they’re gone through the battle, but now, their whole world is different. Most recently, the funds from All-In to Fight Cancer go to Levine Cancer Institute’s integrative oncology programs for cancer patients in remission. These programs run the gamut from healing arts, music therapy, integrated treatment – all of which aid and speed recovery in ways unexpected in not.

What’s next for 24 Hours of Booty? 

We support quite a few local organizations – including GoJenGo! Foundation, the Keep Pounding Fund, and the Hendrick Marrow Program --  but this year, for the first time ever, we’re providing support to Levine Children’s Hospital. The needs of pediatric cancer survivors are specific – and can be heart-breakingly different from adults. This is big step for us – and for the local cancer community.

From an event perspective, we just wrapped up our Indianapolis cycling fundraiser, and we have two other events right around the corner. We’ll be back to the “Booty Loop” in Charlotte July 29 and 30. And in August, we’ll return to Columbia, Maryland for another cycling event.

How can people support 24 Hours of Booty? 

That one’s easy! First, of course, support All-In to Fight Cancer! Then, come to one of our events! People are always surprised at how much fun these events are – whether you’re a spectator, a volunteer, a competitive hard-driving cyclist, or someone like me, who just wants to cruise around for 30 minutes or so!

What do you appreciate most about 24 Hours of Booty? 

There are countless stories about how we’ve been able to bring the community together – people who thought they were all alone or “the only ones,” and at one of our events were able to find kindred spirits and supporters. It’s a real honor to be a part of this.

24 Hours of Booty is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity located in Charlotte that provides extraordinary 24-hour cycling events that are safe, fun and open to all levels of cycling ability. Its purpose is to increase public awareness, funds and support for organizations dedicated to cancer navigation and survivorship. For more information, call 704-365-4417 or visit